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Xinhua Digest Reprinted Articles from HUAS Wuling Studies Journal

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Xinhua Digest published?the article comparisons of Zhu and Lu Xiufu Kungfu Theory?from Dr.Lianfan and Contemporary Morality in the Conformity of Morality and Prosperity?from Dr.Chen Xiaoxi on its second and third issue of 2018. Besides, College of Liberal Arts and Science Abstracts?published the article?An Analysis of People-oriented Thought?in?Chinese Traditional Culture?from?Professor Yi Peiqiang on its first issue of 2018. These three articles are all originally published on?the?HUAS Wuling?Studies:Chinese Morality Studies.


The Wuling?Studies:Chinese Morality Studies?relies on academic research centers ?inside and outside the university and the journal hired?a large number?of experts as their specialists?from universities and research institutes such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, and Central South University. The articles they publish are of theoretical value and practical significance, which has a?big?influence?on society. From the first issue?in?2010 to?the sixth issue?in?2017, a total of 45 issues were launched, and 118 articles were published, including 42 articles of the National Social Science Fund, 12 articles of the Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, and 16 articles of Provincial Social Science Fund. 19 articles of other provincial fund, which?accounted for 75.4% of all the?published articles. The articles?were reprinted for 31 times?with the?reprint rate of 26%. Among the articles, 7?were reprinted by Xinhua Digest, 9 were?Higher Education?Liberal Arts Digest, 5 were reprinted?by the journal Ethics?and The Guide to Spiritual Civilization. In addition, it was reproduced in?Guangming Daily?(theoretical edition) and published in the?Journal of Social Science. In 2013, Wuling?Studies:Chinese Morality Studies?was rated as "excellent column" by the Hunan Journal Association.


In March 2016, Wuling Academic Journal?organized the academic seminar?on the theme of Cultural Studies of the Chinese Morality and invited about 20 experts from?top universities?such as Peking University, Southeast?University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Jiangsu Normal University, Hunan Normal University and magazines,?newspapers. Hunan Daily?conducted a special report on the seminar. In 2016, 78 outstanding articles were selected and compiled as “Cultural Studies of the Chinese?Morality” (volumes I and II), and was published by the Social Science Literature Press in January 2017. A book review was written by Prof. Xu Liangjian from?Southeast University?titled?The Unorthodox of Chinese Morality?Studies - Commentary on the Study of Chinese?Morality?and it was published in the fifth issue of Ethics Research, 2017.