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President Long Xianzhong Visited Universities in Philippines and Malaysia

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HUAS President Long Xianzhong signed cooperation agreement with Vice President Cris Malabuyoc from Neihu Lake Campus,Lyceum of the Philippines

?HUAS President Long Xianzhong took photos with Vice President Yong Zulina Zubairi from University of Malaya

From May 19th to 25th, HUAS President Long Xianzhong together with the Director of International Exchange Center Hu Fangyi and HUAS delegation visited Lyceum of the Philippines, University of Malaya and University Malaysia Sabah at the invitation of these schools.

At Lyceum of the Philippines, HUAS President Long Xianzhong and Mr. Cris Malabuyoc, Vice President of Neihu Lake Campus and Cecilia Pring, Vice President of Batangas Campus, had a sincere and friendly exchange on the cooperation between the two universities. The two sides both introduced their history and achievements. They particularly discussed about personnel training quality, teaching equipment investment in majors such as business administration, financial management, accounting, tourism and hotel management, etc. They also talked about undergraduate joint training programs, bachelor-to-master programs, exchange students programs, short-term cultural exchange programs, etc. The two sides signedLyceum of the Philippines - Neihu Campus and HUAS Cooperation Agreement and Lyceum of the Philippines - Batangas Campus and HUAS Cooperation Agreement.

At University of Malaya, Vice President Yong Zulina Zubairi warmly welcomed HUAS President Long Xianzhong and his delegation. The two sides held friendly talks on exchange students program and teachers' doctoral program with each other and reached preliminary cooperation intentions. During the exchange at the University Malaysia Sabah, President Long also reached preliminary cooperation intentions with the school on undergraduate joint training program, exchange students program, short-term cultural exchange program and teachers' doctoral program.

The in-depth exchanges with relevant Philippine and Malaysian universities echoed the Belt and Road Initiative by Chinese government. Moreover, through the exchanges, HUAS and those universities from Southeast Asia had a deeper understanding between each other and developed a friendly relationship. It also helped HUAS establish a good reputation in those countries, which also played an important role in promoting the internationalization of HUAS.